Parents are best teachers essay

When we are kids, they train us in all kinds of activities crawling, walking and talking.

Parents Are the Best Teachers

Children have extremely fragile mindsets and tend to emulate the behaviour of people surrounding them. They feel more responsibility to protect their children from criminals. Parents are more devoted than the teachers. Nevertheless, the role of parents is even more critical in ensuring that children imbibe the right values, morals and ethics.

There are many teachers around the world which can teach you lot of life experience but parents always special and the flavour of the knowledge you gain is unique and neat because it always comes with the feelings which are impossible to get from other teachers.

Right from childhood, they teach us in each and every phase of life. So we can see that being a teacher of growing child become more and more complicated case as the time passes and many parents are simply not able to meet the increased demands.

Parents Are the Best Teachers

To start with, when a child has just seen the light of the world, parents start taking care of him. Write at least words. Not because they are in a physically challenging job or a hostile work environment but because they have a responsibility to shape the behaviour and the thought-process of children.

They did their home work together, shared their dreams and beautiful moments.

Parents are the best teachers Essay Sample

Teachers are professionally qualified and experienced to do this job better. They give guidance in our studies, teach us good manners, shape us in teen age and show us vision of life and our goal.

Parents are the best teachers Essay Sample

It is also necessary to create a healthy environment to bring a child up properly. While some would argue that since a child Parents are best teachers essay maximum time at school, the teachers should take responsibility for ensuring proper development of children.

They pay more attention and thus there are some conflicts between children and parents. An impact of unhealthy environment leads a child astray, for example, a child brought up in slum area has least care for manners. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

In this case, perhaps the child's friends would be the best teachers. Later the teachers help us to enhance our knowledge, horizon and our view of life but the very foundation and ground are made by our parents.

When we are kids, they train us in all kinds of activities crawling, walking and talking. Parents, undoubtly can teach and bring their children up as a duty. Parents would be with a child no matter what.

Moreover, teachers also know how to encourage children to learn more effectively, while parents probably do not. They have both the skills and knowledge to excel in this as compared to parents. They advise us in many tough situations.

In conclusion, parents are best teachers and always come forward without any hesitation in mind to help us in any situation.

Right from childhood, they teach us in each and every phase of life. On the other hand, some of the students deny this fact as they may not consider the abilities of their children and force them to take subjects of their choice.

There are many different parents who instruct the children and handle their lives. As result he got problems and even thinking about divorce. Some people think that parents in their parenthood, can teach their children better than teachers. No doubtall of us inherit the gene from our parents and get basic knowledge and norms from them.

Parents teach us to walk our first step, speak our first word and see the world through their eyes. Research has shown proper upbringing of children by parents can lead to lower crime rates, lower health problems like obesity and higher literacy rate.

Parents are the best teachers Essay Sample Every child is special, everybody has a latent potential in him and parents take very important role to take care of this potential.

Though, it is a contentious view whether parents are the best teachers or not, in my opinion parents play a crucial role as teachers due to different reasons.

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Writing. Jan 28,  · This essay will look at if parents can even do better than teachers when they teach their children. On the one hand, parents would be better than teachers in educating their children for several reasons. Firstly, children may strongly believe or listen to their parents because of their nature relationship.

" More than even the professional teachers that we have in school, parents are generally the most involved in the development and education of children. Almost for sure our parents are the best teachers at the beginning of our lives, which actually corresponds to the parents' role in nature.

Parents experience life with their children from the beginning of their lives. Hence, they have taught their children many lessons. They are definitely the first teachers of. Obviously, the earliest teachers we have in our lives in most cases are our parents, and they are generally the most involved in the development and education of their children.

Yet neither are all parents good teachers nor are those good parents the best teachers. First of all, not all parents are good teachers/5(9).

Parents are best teachers essay
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TOEFL Essay # Are parents the best teachers?